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Dr. Amanda Olson, DPT, PRPC
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Kegel Exercises For Better Sex

Pelvic Floor Strengthening | Adding Resistance | Functional Exercises | Sexual Benefits

Tighten Your Vagina For Better Sex Using Kegels

The pelvic floor muscles’ tone, strength and general health are vital to sexual function as they play a key role in arousal, pleasure, and orgasm response.

When the muscles are strong the female orgasm response is heightened, and the firmness can provide improved pleasure for their partner. There are other benefits as well.

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles through specific exercise is shown to be highly effective in improving sexual satisfaction.

These exercises are referred to as Kegels and often used in conjunction with either Kegel weights, cones, eggs or balls.

These devices cut down the amount of time needed for each workout considerably. So if you're serious about tightening things up down there, it's definitely worth considering to look for a vaginal weight set. Shop our Intimate Rose industry leading weight system.

Next, we'll cover the basic Kegel and if you're more visual, there's images for each exercise below!

Basic Pelvic Floor Strengthening

Basic Kegel

The proper way to perform a Kegel is to imagine that your urethra is a telescope, and that you are going to pull the telescope up and into your body. While your abdominal muscles will slightly contract with this exercise, you want to avoid contracting your buttocks or pulling your abdominals in too tightly. Breathing is also highly important during this exercise.

Holding your breath will place pressure on the bladder and pelvic floor, thus making it very difficult to contract the muscles properly. The breathing pattern for this exercise is to inhale and remain relaxed, then exhale as if you were blowing out birthday candles, and simultaneously perform a Kegel.

To do a Kegel: Begin either lying down or sitting in a comfortable chair. Inhale relax. Exhale, contract the pelvic floor and hold the contraction for 5 seconds, then relax for 5 seconds. Repeat 10 times. Do this 4 times daily. Gradually work on progressing the 5 second hold to 10 seconds.

Once you have mastered doing Kegels, you can progress pelvic floor strength by performing more challenging exercises. These exercises are done while performing a Kegel. The intention is that you will be able to sustain the Kegel throughout the range of movement.

Kegel with Bridge

Begin lying on your back with knees bent and feet hip width apart. Inhale through the nose. Exhale through the mouth and simultaneously do a Kegel then lift your hips up off the floor approximately 2-4 inches, then set them down. Inhale and relax your muscles, then exhale and repeat.

Perform 10 times. Do this 3-5 times per week.

How to do kegel exercise with Bridge

Kegel with March

Begin lying on your back with knees bent and feet hip width apart. Inhale through the nose. Exhale through the mouth and simultaneously do a Kegel then lift your right leg up to 90 degrees, then slowly set it back down.

Avoid allowing your pelvis to move. Inhale and relax your muscles, then exhale, perform a Kegel, and repeat on the left leg, alternating back and forth. Note: you do not need to pause while the leg is lifted, this should be a slow yet continuous movement.

Do 10 repetitions on each leg. Do this 3-5 times per week.

 How to do kegel exercise with March

Progressing with Kegel Resistance Device

When these Kegel exercises for women become easier, you may progress these exercises by adding vaginal exercise weights like the ones from Intimate Rose. To find the proper weight to exercise with, begin by placing the white vaginal weight into the vagina as you would a tampon. Stand up and attempt to hold the weight inside the vagina for 1 minute.

If this can be easily achieved, attempt to walk around doing chores in your home with your clothing on as you normally would with the weight inserted for 20 minutes. If this can be achieved quite easily, attempt to do this with the next heaviest weight on a subsequent day.

If the weight falls out into your underwear, go back down to the previous weight that you were able to tolerate for 20 minutes, and use this weight to perform the Basic Kegel.Perform these exercises 3-5 days per week. After a few weeks you may feel ready to progress to the next heaviest weight.

Functional Kegel Training For Improved Sex

For further progression of pelvic floor strength, the below exercises challenge the pelvic floor more dynamically by adding specific movement upright against gravity. To do these exercises, place in the vaginal weight that you are able to maintain for 20 minutes as described before, and perform the following exercises 3-5 times per week:

Standing Kegel

With the weight in, stand up tall with good posture, feet standing hip width apart.

Inhale and relax. Then exhale, and simultaneously do a Kegel, holding the Kegel while exhaling for 5 seconds. Inhale and relax. Repeat 10 times.

 How to do a standing kegel exercise

Standing Heel Raise Kegel

Stand at your kitchen counter for support with vaginal weight in.

Inhale and relax. Exhale and simultaneously do a Kegel and slowly raise up onto the balls of your feet and then come back down with control. Once your feet are flat on the floor again, inhale and relax the pelvic floor, then exhale and repeat.

You should feel the Kegel throughout the entire process of raising up onto the toes and lowering back down. Repeat 10 times.

 How to do a Standing Heel Raise Kegel exercise

Mini Squat Kegel

Stand at your kitchen counter for balance and support with the vaginal weight in.

Inhale and relax. Exhale and simultaneously do a Kegel, then bend your knees to approximately 45 degrees while pressing your hips backward as if you were going to sit in a chair. Maintaining the Kegel, return to standing. The Kegel and the gentle exhale should be maintained throughout the entire duration of movement. Once you return to standing, inhale and relax. Repeat 10 times.

 How to do a Mini Squat Kegel exercise

The kegel weight system from Intimate Rose is doctor recommended. They help you get a tighter vagina faster than regular kegel exercises alone.

Before we jump into the exercises, let's briefly go over how they improve the experience and the benefits sexually.

Benefits of Strengthening the Pelvic Floor Muscles

Sexual intercourse is known to be improved for both men and women who havestrong pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor itselfis a group of musclesthat support the pelvic organs.

You can target these muscles by performing what are known as Kegel exercises and if you are serious about saving time and getting faster results you can add vaginal or Kegel weightsinto your workouts. Unlike other products, oursystem comes with weights, exercises videos and moreto get better results in less time.

Kegel Weights for Improve Pelvic Strength

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