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Homepage Pelvic Wand

Feel Empowered To Relieve Your Pain

1 in 7 women worldwide report suffering from chronic pelvic pain.
Our silky smooth pelvic wand is made with medicalgrade silicone for comfortable insertion and removal. It’s unique shape makes it easy to reach deep trigger points and is perfect for women struggling with vaginismus, pain during sex or vaginal exams, vestibulodynia, pelvic floor tension myalgia, chronic pelvic pain, or levator ani syndrome.

+ BPA-Free, Smooth, Non-Stick, Medical-Grade Silicone +

+ Uniquely Sized Ends Are Perfect for Vaginal or Rectal Use +

+ Reaches Trigger Points Throughout the Pelvic Floor +

Homepage Pelvic Wand
Homepage Pelvic Wand

Laugh Without Leaking

1 in 3 American women experience what's known as a pelvic floor disorder including up to 80% of pregnant women and new moms. You're not alone. Our best selling kegel training system works twice as fast as other systems to reduce Urinary Stress Incontinence & Urge Incontinence postpartum recovery symptoms, Vaginal Organ Prolapse , and to improve intimacy.

+ 2017 Mom's Choice Award Winner & Amazon Best Seller +

+ Used in official Academy of Pelvic Health Training Courses +

+ 6 Progressive Sizes for Any Fit and Resistance Level +

+ The only FDA Cleared Silicone Kegel Weights +

Homepage Pelvic Wand

Live Free From Pain

75% of women report having pain with penetration at some point, and this is a chronic problem for many. We want to change that. Our vaginal trainers are the most trusted brand of silicone dilators available, and perfect for women struggling with vaginismus, pain during sex or vaginal exams, vulvodynia, vaginal stenosis, menopause, or affirming their gender.

+ Used in official Academy of Pelvic Health Training Courses +

+ 8 Gradual Sizes to Reach Your Goal +

+ BPA Free, Nonstick, Medical Grade Silicone +

Homepage Pelvic Wand
Homepage Pelvic Wand

Feel Your Very Best

You shouldn't settle, so we won't either. Every product you receive from us is meticulously researched and developed by a medical professional, with only the highest of standards. Our Velvet Rose silky smooth water-based personal lubricant is a perfect complement to our Kegel Weights, Dilators, &Pelvic Wands and is a five-star customer-favorite for use during intercourse. Our all natural and organic Enchanted Rose Balm has been expertly formulated to relieve redness or dryness due to vaginal skin irritation, shaving, breastfeeding, menopause, thinning vulvar tissue, or improper Vaginal pH.

+ Lubricant is Water Based and FDA Cleared +

+ Balm is 100% Natural +

+ Your Solution to Dryness and Irritation +

Homepage Pelvic Wand

Meet Dr. Amanda Olson

You now have a true advocate. Dr. Amanda's commitment to pelvic health developed from her own emotional and challenging experience.
Learn more about her journey.
Find out what she's doing to champion a new freedom for every woman with sensitive health issues.
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Join the Community. You're Not alone

Join the Community. You're Not alone

Experience the support of other women that may be struggling just like you or have found solutions and hope. Find the answers to common and not-so-common questions, and feel safe to share in our private groups that are closely monitored by Dr. Amanda herself. You can be an important part of the movement to foster a social change and take the stigma out of common and natural issues so many face. Most of all, you now have an entire community and safe haven in which to become your best self.

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